Government Grants For Single Parents

In times of need, the government may offer government grants for single parents. Keep in mind that this is a broad term that can cover a lot of different government-funded aid programs that target parents raising children alone. Truth be told, there are no specific “government grants for single parent” program that you fill out to receive direct grants. If you want government grants, you will have to spend the time looking around to see what you can find online.

So what exactly are government grants? This is a broad term that covers grants given out to parents who have some financial need. To be more specific, these are grants or subsidies that parents can find. Lets look at some examples of what sort of funding is sometimes offered by the government. Keep in mind this is by no means a comprehensive list of all the funding options out there – the government may change or replace or cancel programs at will.

Government College Grants

The government invests a lot of money each year into education. Most grants you find out there will target business growth, research, or education. If you are a single parent looking to go to college, it’s worth it to see what sort of college grants the government may offer. The government does give out special federal grants to students in need who apply for federal financial assistance, but there may be grants you can qualify for above and beyond these specific grants. Check government grant websites or shop around online to see what you can find.

Financial Assistance for Single Parents

There may also be a wide variety of financial assistance programs you can find. These may include housing subsidizes, federal welfare programs, food stamps, transportation assistance, etc. The problem is that many of these programs are scattered around. To really find them, you are going to have to do a comprehensive search online for them.