Grant Proposal Examples – 9 Facts to Guide You

1. Where To Look

Grant proposal examples are readily available, if you know where to search for them. Your best and most up to date resource for all manner of grant proposal examples is, quite obviously, the Internet. You can gain instant access to thousands of professional examples that can be easily tailored to suit your needs.

2. What You’ll Find

There are a wide range of examples available and no two are alike. You’ll find thousands of different templates, which you can use to put together a professional and well-structured grant proposal in a way that’s easy to understand. The trick is to find one with a layout that most closely suits your requirements. Peruse these examples and select the one that most closely matches your own envisioned layout and guidelines.

3. Define The Details

Once you’ve chosen a template that suits your purposes you’ll need to structure your grant proposal and a good way to do this is to choose selected heading and to group your information into easy to understand sub-headings.

4. Your Vision

Create a summary of your plans and how you intend to use grant funding and support to realize your project. Define the problems that have caused a need for this project and how it will improve the community at large.

5. Operating Procedures

Explain in detail how you would implement grant funding. This is your opportunity to show the grant funding organisation what you would do with their offered support. Lay out operating procedures and explain how your project will be implemented.

6. The Beneficiaries

Who will benefit from this project? How will your project make a difference or improve your local community? Who is the project aimed at? Define your target market or audience and explain how this group or organisation will benefit from your actions.

7. Your Needs

In this section of the grant proposal you will describe to the grant organisation your specific needs. Do you require funding, equipment, research and surveys, the assistance of staff or something as rudimentary as office furnishings and transportation vehicles? Stipulate your requirements in an easy to understand manner.

8. The Budget

Funding is an important aspect of any grant proposal and all grant proposal examples will contain elements describing how to outline a budget. Be sure to thoroughly research this aspect of your proposal, as many grants are lost because the applicants did not clarify their funding requirements or budget projections with enough accuracy.

9. Research

Grant proposal examples are built around adequately researched information. Know your stuff! To build an accurate picture of the project for a grant funding organisation you need to include as much information as possible. Do market research, do product testing, conduct surveys in the local area and include all pertinent information in your grant proposal. If similar projects or organisations have operated in the area, conduct comparative surveys and offer accurate projects as pertains to your budget, expenditure and expected income. Vagueness can destroy your chances of a successful outcome.