Why Should You Go For School Loan Consolidation?

School loan consolidation, also known as student loan consolidation, is a way of unifying all your loans that you have incurred during the time that you are studying. These loans can be for your tuition fees, and you may have different lenders for each semester or term.

Receiving many student loan bills at a time can be very frustrating. Even a small payment amount can appear big to you because there are a lot of them, each with a different interest rate, due date and amount. It can be tough to keep track of these bills. Sometimes, you may even miss paying for one bill because when you have paid for the others, you thought you have paid for everything else. To relieve you of this problem, federal law would allow you to consolidate all your loans so that every month, you would only receive one bill with one due date. This is a lot more convenient than receiving a bunch of bills a month.

With school loan consolidation, you would have lower monthly payments compared to the sum of the individual loans per month. It would prevent you from getting a bad credit history because you now have the capability to make payments on time. Plus, you can expect no late fees if you pay on time, contrary to paying different due dates and missing one bills because of confusion.

Who are eligible for school loan consolidation? Anyone is eligible. However, for people with bad credit rating, they have lower chances of getting approved with a private lending company. Do not lose hope, though, for there are federal student loan programs for you.

If you have a credit rating of more than 660, you will automatically be eligible even for private lenders and chances are you would get the lowest individual rate possible. According to the Federal Family Education Loan Program of FFELP, every lender is required to have the same rate offering, although your individual rate is different from this. An individual rate is dependent on your credit rating and on the average rate of all your outstanding loan balances.

If you have decided to get school loan consolidation, you should look into various lender’s offers first. Many lenders offer not only discounts but also some benefits. Some will give you lower interest rates if you have paid correctly in the past few months. Also check carefully not only the interest rate but also the payment schedule. How long are you going to pay for the consolidate loan? A low monthly payment but lasts for ten years is not very amiable.

Getting school loan consolidation is actually a smart move so that you would avoid missing any payments and you wouldn’t mix up your payments. If you have not yet found a stable job after college, this can be very helpful for you. It can also increase your credit score. But then, as with every other loan, discipline must be enforced. School loan consolidation usually offer discounts and lower rates, but make sure you pay correctly and on time.