Slumdog Millionaire? 4 Steps For Fetching a 7 Figure Income

One thing I’ve found that most (if not all) successful network and internet marketers have in common is that success didn’t come easy. Almost always, failure and hardship preceded a rise to financial freedom.

There is definitely a learning curve but you don’t have to end up living in a trailer park collecting food stamps before turning it around (although one of my mentors did actually live in a trailer park before turning to the internet to create wealth). Not everyone is as lucky as Jamal, the Indian boy who grew up in the slums of Mumbai, who fatefully wins a million dollars (rupees actually) trying to catch the attention of his long lost love (from the movie title above).

In fact, luck has little to do with it. What it takes is a combination of some basic yet necessary skills to create a winning strategy. One of the most important starting points to put you on a path to become a six or seven figure per year earner is:

Millionaire Mindset

Successful entrepreneurs consciously position themselves as leaders and push themselves to grow where others may quit. At first, it takes diving into the realms of the unknown and uncomfortable to overcome obstacles that may have hindered you in the past. You must be driven by an intense desire to succeed and be willing to take action. Failure is not an option.

Each set back is simply a learning experience that can teach you and help you develop moving forward. A millionaire mindset is really just an extremely positive attitude or an intention which transforms your thoughts and gives you the ability to manifest abundance and affluence. It’s a predetermined response to handling situations.


Having a REAL mentor is not only rare but can be the difference between success and failure. It is absolutely essential that you partner with someone who is going to share the information and technology that is going to guide you to success.

Make sure you choose wisely and that the individual you end up partnering with is both available and accessible when you need. They should also be actively engaged in their own learning and personal development vecuasr that what it takes to be a leader. In addition, if the are truly engaged in the practice of attraction marketing, they should be giving freely all the knowledge they’ve amassed without hesitation.


Essential to your success is mastering the internet marketing mediums that are currently available as well as being able to adapt quickly to any new technologies and staying ahead of the curve. Your mentor should be actively introducing you to various methods and strategies that are proven to be effective and yield results.

Training should be a top priority and part of your weekly if not daily regime. Participating in seminars, webinars, conference calls, team meetings, pre-recorded videos and/or audio training, etc. are essential if not mandatory for your growth. A combination of the right training along with action can lead to predictable results.


Management in this case deals with your ability to both plan effectively and implement those plans. This also includes to your capacity to efficiently manage your time. There is a wealth of information constantly bombarding us from all directions. Prioritize so you can filter out all the noise that will distract you from your goals.

Make a list of goals and tasks and tackle each one in the order of their importance. Set time lines for project completion and stay organized. Stay sharp and laser focused on one task at a time so each piece of your marketing gets the proper attention.

In conclusion, six and seven figure incomes can be methodically and systematically created when you plug into an entrepreneurial frame of mind and surround yourself with successful people more knowledgeable than yourself.

Work on your personal development daily and soak up all the knowledge you can because no matter how successful you become you can never stop learning. Empower yourself as a leader and you will attract others of like mind. In fact, people will flock to you to as you become the leader you deliberately CREATED yourself to be.